Popularise your science

Engage with your audience to maintain research's momentum

More than actively reading popular science, the public takes a keen interest in topical issues related to health care progress, awareness of man-made threats to the environment, artificial intelligence, spatial exploration, new materials, neuroscience, and pushing back the limits of mortality.

As a scientist, you have learnt that popularising your research is an important lever to attract students to your institution, increase the visibility of your lab and convince public authorities to fund your research.

As science journalists, Lab2Screen writes articles for you for popular science magazines, popular science web media, newspaper columns and radio posts, whether aimed at children and adults. Use this springboard to put your work in the spotlight.

Contribute to the scientific education of young people with book publishing

As a company or an academic researcher, you might wish to contribute to popular interests or education by publishing books.

Be part of this expansion in mass-market publishing by calling on our writing and publishing services.

With 20 years’ experience in book publishing within the French community, our expertise covers the whole production chain, from writing to publishing, and distribution in bookstores and supermarkets. From graphic design and page layout, to proofreading and illustration, we take care of the whole book publishing process.

Language of publishing

Choose between French or English.

Completely fluent in both languages, we are skilled to deliver value-driven contents, free of spelling and grammatical mistakes or typing errors.

Services in detail


  • Language editing
  • Proofreading
  • Content editing


  • Articles for popular science magazines
  • Popular sciences web media
  • newspapers columns 
  • Radio posts
  • (e-) books


  • Illustration
  • Design
  • Page layout
  • Motion design

Printing (for books)

  • Negociation of prices
  • Printing
  • Storing
  • Reprinting

Distribution (for books)

  • Through our diffusion services

Press (for books)

  • Press pack
  • Sending specimens to journalists
  • Promotion on social networks
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