Finding solutions in R&D

A scientific expert at the service of your research

You have a project to carry on or a product you would like to improve?
Do you need to optimize a synthetic process?
Do you need a lab support to solve synthetic issues?
Do you need a literature review in a key domain?

With a Ph.D. in chemistry and extensive expertise in polymer synthesis and characterisations for fundamental and applied researches, we apply our practical knowledge and skills to help you out in solving R&D issues.

We will study with you your project and provide you with in-depth literature monitoring, or try to find solutions in your R&D department.

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We will study with you the best way to solve them

Literature monitoring

We will provide you with a cutting edge research report

Lab support

We will help you out with synthetic or process issues


  • Ph.D. in chemistry specialising in polymer sciences
  • 10 years experience in academic research as a team leader
  • A strong theoretical and practical knowledge of macromolecules and associated characterisation techniques (SEC, NMR, DSC, TGA, FTIR, tensile testing, UV-Vis, viscometry, chromatography, microscopy, glove box, etc.)
  • Experience analysis techniques for polymer materials including mechanical properties (tensile, compression, flexure), creep and fatigue, thermal analysis, etc.
  • Experience in sampling techniques and statistical data analysis for FTIR, DSC, TGA, DMA, chromatography
  • Experience in applied biomedical research (tissue engineering, drug delivery systems, coating, polymer vector design for gene or cancer therapy,etc.)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Superior problem-solving abilities
  • Strong educational and publication credentials
  • Strong teamwork and leadership skills
  • Excellent professional network worldwide

Subject matter expertise

Primary subject:

  • Polymer Sciences,
  • Organic Chemistry,
  • Hydrogels,
  • Nanogels,
  • Controlled Synthesis,
  • Click Chemistry

Secondary subject:

  • Drug Delivery,
  • Biotechnology,
  • Medical Devices,
  • Tissue Engineering,
  • Gene Therapy


Services in detail

State of the art

  • Literature review and up-to-date development in key domains

Project management

  • Coordination of laboratory activities in terms of synthesis and characterizations
  • Investigations of new protocols
  • Training (such as technicians, operators)
  • Planning
  • Validation strategy
  • People management and deviations


  • Scientific report 
  • Proposals
  • Communication with stakeholders of various departments
  • Communication on behalf of your customers
  • Communication for a general audience
  • Quality assurance
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