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« Publish or perish » is a well-known paradigm in academia. Peer-reviewed publishing is the main scientific communication channel.

Whether you are a full professor or a Ph.D. student, communicating your research performed in the laboratory is of prime importance for the reputation of your institution and your career, enabling you to attract funding from the public or private sector. 

Lab2Screen works with you to reach your goals by producing quality content for your articles, reviews or book chapters.

With Lab2Screen, show the scientific community how qualified you are

Nowadays, having good citation metrics is likely to determine if you, as an academic, have made a significant impact on your research field. However, far more important than citation metrics is your wish to be recognised by your peers for the quality of your research.

Publishing is the best way to obtain a job, get a promotion, or demonstrate your expertise in a research proposal. However, finding the time to write or proofread is becoming increasingly difficult because of the many tasks incumbent upon scientists.

Delegating writing tasks to Lab2Screen is your solution to keep you busy in the lab or ensure good laboratory management, while we take care of your scientific communication.

Lab2screen is skilled at writing relevant and qualitative papers to fast-track you into your research niche.

Editorial services

Substantive editing

Editorial assessment & editing

Starting from a blank page

Cover letter preparation

Examination of the publication and edition on a structural level. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, we improve your text to ensure that you end up with correct and understandable content.

Applicable to any themathic fields

According to our experience, you will be provided with detailed editorial assessment of your publication’s content and presentation, comments on the novelty and the impact of your findings and guidance on how to improve it.

Based on your reports, Power Point presentations, notebooks, data collection, schemes and figures, we will write your publication in the best possible form, to make it relevant, attractive and impactful to your science community.

We edit or draw up explicit cover letters that clearly and succinctly explain your findings and the scopes to a journal editor.

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Quality, reliability and identity

A select number of high-quality publications are far more important than numerous insignificant articles comprising sliced data.

This is why we believe in these three important values :

QUALITY. We provide articles, reviews or book chapters that are well written, well documented and experimentally complete while addressing your initial question and providing suitable illustrations through graphics and images. As we are equipped with the best correctional software, we return your documents free of any spelling and grammatical mistakes or typing errors.

RELIABILITY. We select partners who strive to publish reproducible data properly, perfectly supported by analyses and free of whaou effect. We place value on exchanging feedback with authors to complete your article with additional experiments where needed.

IDENTITY. Positioning your research in your area to provide evidence about what new state-of-the-art elements you are bringing to help science progress. Become one of the recognised specialists in your research field.

Subject matter expertise

  • Controlled polymer synthesis,
  • Hydrogels,
  • Organic chemistry,
  • Click chemistry,
  • (Nano)composite,
  • Polymer vectors,
  • Drug delivery systems,
  • Coatings,
  • Supramolecuar chemistry
  • Polymer thermal characterisations
  • Macromolecular analyses

Services in detail

Literature search

  • Thorough topic research
  • Knowledge reports
  • Bibliography

Scientific consulting

  • Journal selection
  • Technical reviews of journal article
  • Technical review of your master or Ph.D. thesis


  • Language editing
  • Proofreading
  • Content editing


  • Journal article/Review
  • Scientific report
  • Master or Ph.D. thesis
  • Grant application
  • Conference poster
  • Educational content


  • Illustration development
  • Illustration edition
  • Graphical abstract
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