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Lab2Screen provides consultancy in the field of EU Framework Programmes to get your research funded.

ERC, H2020, ERA-Net, Interreg, or local grants, we offer support to write and handle successful applications in life science and biomedical science. 

To increase your chance of success, we help you out in crafting grant applications with impactful discussion, highlighted need statements, and superior program narrative. 

We are trained to make sure your proposal aligns with the grant-making agency’s funding opportunity announcement, delivers value-driven content using the adequate level of language and illustrations of superior quality design.

Personalized support

Align your need statements

We help you out with clear identification of need statements and make sure they align with grant-making agency’s goals.

Increase your impact

We work with you at developing achievable outputs in your program activities and its concrete outcomes if need statements are addressed.

Strengthen your credibility

We help you out to frame your research, highlight the novelty and challenges of your proposal, and to point out its feasibility and reliability.

Anticipate reviewer’s comments

Based on board evaluation experience and grant-making agency’s guidelines, we provide you with a report detailing how your proposal fits or not the agency-level goals.


We offer you in-depth editing services to sharpen your narrative, raise language levels and improve the structure, and flow of the proposal.

Why partner with us?

Subject matter expertise

  • Controlled polymer synthesis,
  • Hydrogels & polymer networks
  • Organic chemistry, Click chemistry, Green chemistry
  • Biosourced polymer materials
  • (Nano)composites,
  • Polymer vectors for gene therapy,
  • Drug delivery systems,
  • Tissue engineering,
  • Polymer Coatings,
  • Supramolecuar chemistry,
  • Molecularly imprinted polymers,
  • 3D-printing,
  • Biomaterials and medical devices.

Services in detail

Literature search

  • Thorough topic research
  • Knowledge reports
  • Bibliography

Scientific consulting

  • Innovation assessment
  • Eligibility assessment
  • Structural and organisation assessment
  • Strengthening of consortium
  • Blind reviewing


  • Language editing
  • Proofreading
  • Content editing
  • Structure and narrative flow improvement


  • ERC grants
  • H2020 grants
  • Interreg grants
  • ERA-NEt grants
  • National grants
  • Press pack
  • Other


  • Illustration development
  • Illustration edition
  • Graphical abstract
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